Algorithmic Jazz

"The soul of the machine is the collection of algorithms that give it life."

Algorithmic Jazz is randomness combined with algorithms to generate music and visual art. Due to the evolution of internet technology my algorithmic music is on the shelf for now, but here are some algorithmic graphics programs.

I live in Palm Desert, CA and can be reached at johnclavin at Some of my humanly composed music SoundCloud. My autobiography.

Two Self Portraits I did two so you can see the variations of the painting algorithm.

A "Free Will" Simulation The balls represent thoughts and ideas in a human mind. The dark balls are thoughts dependent on initial conditions combined with environmental influences. When the Free Will fader is raised some of the dark balls are given original ideas creating a more innovative and active mind. The balls with original ideas turn red for a short time. I am not necessarily saying that we have free will, but this is my artists conception of what it might look like.

May 2014 John F Clavin